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The satisfaction of our customers is measured in lives saved 

Maritime waters beg for our respect.  Respect for their raw beauty, respect for their rich bounties, and respect for their sheer power.  We're bringing life to water with products and services that help you prepare for the worst that the sea can throw at you.

It was nearly 30 years ago that we built the foundation for our company within the marine safety industry.  Through a dedication to industry leading products, a committment to personal service, and a dedication to providing greater value, we carefully grew our customer base into one of the largest in Canada.  To this day, marine safety remains the very heart of what we exist for.

Seafarers understand that marine safety is a responsibility shared amongst boatbuilders, marine inspectors, weather forecasters, marine service providers and crew and passengers.  As a respected marine safety provider, we understand the importance of our role.  We provide you with the products you may need should you encounter an emergency at sea.   More than that, we provide you with the confidence of knowing that these products carry certification from an experienced, factory trained and industry approved marine safety facility.

As an authorized dealer for respected, leading manufacturers such as Zodiac, DBC Marine and Fitzwright, our marine safety technicians undertake regular certification and re-training to stay ahead of the industry standard.  Using knowledge gained from certification courses, our experienced technicians inspect, test, repair and certify throwover and davit launch inflatable liferafts, immersion suits, marine evacuation systems, and rescue boats.  Such services remain open to the scrutiny of Transport Canada inspectors for your assurance.

What can our marine safety technicians do for you?  Here are a few of the services we regularly perform:
Inspection and recertification of Zodiac, DBC Marine, Dunlop, Beaufort and Dunlop-Beaufort inflatable liferafts;
Annual inspection of Fitzwright immersion suits;
Ship service;
24 hour emergency service;
Inspection, test and repair of Zodiac rescue boats;
Inspection, test and repair of Zodiac-Hurricane RHIB's and components such as rollover bags;
Custom fabrication of inflatable products;
Inspection, test and battery replacement for Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons (EPIRBS's);
Replacement of hydrostatic release units;
Pick up and delivery service;
Assistance with developing marine safety training programs and conducting in-water demonstrations;
Inspect, repair, clean and store Zodiac inflatable boats. 

Are you interested in fitting your boat with safety equipment on a short term basis?  We can provide you with inflatable liferafts, immersion suits and rescue boats for daily, weekly and monthly rental.  All rental products are inspected and certified by our experienced technicians.

Want to inquire further about our liferaft and marine safety services?  Please contact the following member of our marine team.
For our Dartmouth location:  JASON CHAMPAGNE, Telephone (902) 468-2029, E-Mail jchampagne@seamasters.ca
For our Saint John location:  BRIAN CONLEY, Telephone (506) 633-0070, E-Mail seapronb@seamasters.ca
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